Animal Elders: Caring About Our Aging Animal Companions By Dog Behavior Specialist & Pet Expert, Diane Pomerance, Ph.D.  
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"Animal Elders: Caring About Our Aging Animal Companions"
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Lyrically, eloquently and compassionately, ANIMAL ELDERS: Caring About Our Aging Animal Companions discusses the various challenges as well as gifts associated with growing old. Observing that the older members of both animal and human societies have traditionally been regarded with respect and esteem and viewed as teachers, counselors and guides, today's society values youth and tends to dismiss, discard or disregard both its human and animal elders. To value, appreciate and care for our elders – to view them as role models and mirrors of the experiences we ourselves will ultimately face – can be of great benefit to us..

We have so much to learn from both our animal and human elders. We learn as we proceed through each of life's stages – infancy, childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, adulthood, maturity and old age. Through each of these phases we ideally grow in many ways and evolve mentally, emotionally, spiritually. We learn many important life lessons by observing the behavior of our elders – how they cope with infirmity or illness and other age-related limitations, From them we may learn courage and perseverance and patience as they cope with various age-related complexities, perplexities and adversities. We learn from their life experience and wisdom, and from them, we can we learn much about ourselves and how we may cope with growing old.

Through our contact with our elders we are faced with our own vulnerability and mortality. We come to recognize that we are not invincible and not immortal in the physical sense. We may learn that we are spiritual beings and that the purpose of life on earth is to evolve spiritually – to achieve mastery over our physical, mental and emotional aspects, as have the great saints and sages and masters of all time and all religions.

In both the animal and human kingdoms, the young are taught and socialized by their elders. They learn the skills necessary to survive, and they also learn the roles that will enable them to become useful and helpful to their families and communities. Through our human elders, we learn to preserve our culture and heritage and to preserve our traditions and values.

Many of us adopt animal companions when they are very young (puppies or kittens, perhaps) and then watch them grow older much more rapidly than we do. Their lives are generally shorter than our own, and we are confronted with the issues of death, grief and loss. We know that we will encounter these issues many times throughout our lives, as loss is an inevitable aspect of life on earth. By coping with our pet's aging and eventual death, we learn a great deal about life and death. We may observe suffering and debilitation on the part of our beloved pets – we may experience guilt, inadequacy and frustration as to our inability to cure our ailing animals and frustration as to our limited ability to help assuage their pain and suffering. We come to realize our limitations and seek answers to the questions posed by many thoughtful human beings: What is the purpose of my life? My pet's life? Why do we suffer? What happens to me/my pet after death? Is there an afterlife? Will I be reunited with my beloved animal companions?

Richly, cleverly and beautifully illustrated by a young artist, Trey Wright, ANIMAL ELDERS asks us to examine the nature of human and animal life and to acknowledge our bonds with one another. It encourages us to explore the mysteries of life, to appreciate and honor our human and animal elders, and, above all, to love and respect one another, all living beings, and the extraordinary planet upon which we live.

"ANIMAL ELDERS: Caring About Our Aging Animal Companions" - Book $9.95

"ANIMAL ELDERS: Caring About Our Aging Animal Companions" - Buy the CD $7.95

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Animal Elders: Caring About Our Aging Animal Companions By Dog Behavior Specialist & Pet Expert, Diane Pomerance, Ph.D.
Click The Picture To View an Enlarged Version.
Animal Elders: Caring About Our Aging Animal Companions By Dog Behavior Specialist & Pet Expert, Diane Pomerance, Ph.D.
Click The Picture To View an Enlarged Version.
Animal Elders: Caring About Our Aging Animal Companions By Dog Behavior Specialist & Pet Expert, Diane Pomerance, Ph.D.

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Fair Use Citations from Reviews --

James Bias, President, SPCA of Texas.

"Eloquent, lyrical, insightful and inspirational, this beautiful and lushly illustrated book explores the age-old exchange of love, understanding, and respect and illuminates the pathways of connection between humans and their beloved animal companions. Dr. Pomerance delves deeply into that bond, illustrating the spiritual as well as the tangible connections to our most ancient and also modern sense of respect for our elders, human and animal."


Source: Bert Hayslip, Jr., Ph.D., Regents Professor of Psychology, University of North Texas.

Simply wonderful! Dr. Pomerance has written sensitively about the experience nearly all of us have had—having spent years with a beloved pet throughout its youth and into its later life, where, as we do with our own bodies and spirits, rejoice in a life that has been lived, but one which, sadly for us, inevitably ends. The wonderfully simplistic and poignant illustrations in this book add to her insights about the value of life and the importance of relationships, and encourage us to feel, rather than to think about, the aging of a special animal companion, as well as our own aging. Her words touch each of us who have loved a special pet, whose life began with us the first day we brought him or her home, complete with a special name we have chosen, until we must say goodbye to this old friend who has given us nothing but everything he or she has, asking only for our love in return, to be hugged, petted, and cared for. Dr. Pomerance’s work gives us pause in asking us to rethink what aging and dying are really about—loving one another unconditionally."


Source: Virginia Gallian, retired educator, former member Board of Directors for Texas State Teachers Association, Master Trustee for Texas Association of School Boards.

Sensitive, insightful and basic truths are found throughout Animal Elders. Diane Pomerance has beautifully framed “the circle of life” of the animal kingdom and how it relates to our busy society. A great message for children-of all ages."

Source: B. Judeen Stauffer, registered animal trainer, Founding member of K-9 Friends Visiting Therapy and Activity Dogs, WET DOG (Water Education Training Dog Obedience Group), and GLAD (Greater Lonestar Assistance Dogs).

"Dr. Diane Pomerance has outdone herself with her new book, Animal Elders: Caring About Our Aging Animal Companions. She has such a wonderful love, appreciation and understanding of this earth and all its inhabitants, and her writing makes it easy for her readers to enjoy and respect them as she does. She is writing from great personal experience, and her message of the importance of love and regard for all living creatures comes across beautifully. Her book is a “must read” for everyone in our society, which far too easily throws things away, has little interest in our senior citizens, and all but worships youth. Animal Elders is written for an adult audience, but anyone who is old enough to read will enjoy and take away a very special message from this lovely and thought-provoking book."

Source: Cathy Huffer, B.A., M.Ed., D.C., Certified Animal Chiropractor, member American Veterinary Chiropractic Association

"Animal Elders is a must-read for every human being. Dr. Pomerance’s words encompass the essence of the passage of life and our unique role as humans to take the responsibility to care for our elders, human and animal. What a lesson the Creator would want us to learn and practice! We cannot be spirit-filled ourselves if we are allowing another living creature to suffer when we are able to help reduce the suffering. As an animal chiropractor, I know there are many medical and alternative health care options for assisting our elderly animals in living their final years more comfortably and with greater dignity. I commend Dr. Pomerance on her gentle way of teaching our younger generations and reminding the rest of us that the same loving and needing spirit that filled the rambunctious young animals remains present in our elderly companions as they slow down in later years."

    "ANIMAL ELDERS: Caring About Our Aging Animal Companions" - Book $9.95

"ANIMAL ELDERS: Caring About Our Aging Animal Companions" - Buy the CD $7.95

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